Vlissingen is very centrally located on many beautiful bicycle routes. Many of these routes run close to the water. Here you can enjoy land and sea.


Have you seen how unbelievably long this boulevard is? From the station to the wind farm you are on the way for a while. Fortunately, there are several cozy terraces along the way, where you can relax (and admire the fantastic view of the Westerschelde). The city of Vlissingen has everything in the house for a nice walk around the city, but also does not close the surroundings. You can put on hiking shoes here.


About five kilometers you have a fantastic view of the Westerschelde. The extensive Vlissingen boulevard is a fantastic walking zone. At the same time it is ideal for running. The great thing is that the route shows all types of different Vlissingen sites. You can see inland ports, small beaches and nature, but there is also a large part with pleasant terraces and lots of life.


Nollebos lies between the dunes and the city. Nice place for a short walk. Do you feel like a challenge? There is also a jogging path.

Channel through Walcheren

There is a beautiful walking path along Walcheren along the canal, up to Middelburg. It’s a long walk, but of course you can always catch a train.

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